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Various Ways of Finding out about the Worst Viruses Present in the World

Where one thinks about the virus, one should be aware that the virus dates many years back and as days goes by the viruses changes to adapt to the new environment. With the various kinds of viruses, they usually come along with different characteristics, and some of them are very dangerous in leading to disease outbreaks and some extent leading to pandemics. Some of the most virus which leave a large number of population worried is those who are very destructive, and yet no cure or vaccine has been found. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most dangerous viruses that exist in the world which are beyond the control of human beings.

One of the lethal viruses that exist today within the world is the zika virus. The zika virus was first reported in twenty sixteen in the United States of America. The zika virus leads to many health problems which include congenital disabilities and many other. Due to the various adverse health issues that individuals experience, the world health organization ended up saying that the virus was a matter of health issues to be taken caution at the global level. The symptoms which were used in recognition of the zika virus were the congenital disability which included the child having a very tiny head with malformed brains. The zika virus is mainly known to be passed from one person to another through a mosquito bite.

The second type of the virus that is present in the world and is known to be very dangerous is the Ebola virus. Africa is the primary area where a large number of deaths and people suffering from the Ebola virus has been reported. The most worrying issue that is not entirely well known is the means by which the Ebola virus is spread, however, it is mainly attributed to being passed through the body fluids.

The Lassa fever is the third kind of the disease-causing virus that has contributed to the death of a large number of people that is present in the world today. The most disturbing thing about the Lassa virus is that those people who end up being exposed to the virus may suffer from it would without being noticed. The fact that no symptoms are observed with the Lassa virus it comes very hard for the virus to be diagnosed. The main mode in which the Lassa virus is transmitted from one person to another is through the body to fluid contact. The main symptoms that appear at the last stage is the bleeding of the eyes and the gums.