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A Look at Captain Kirk Era

Vikings’ fans and team members have a rejuvenated peace within, joy within and without and hope since Kirk Cousins joined the team. it is through his devotion and dedication that he managed to enable Vikings draw when facing the Packers. The way he managed the game and the team members was tremendous and this lacked in the team, for a long time. Since the ear of Daunte Culpepper, the team has never had such actions and vigor like the one Kirk has brought. The team can never regret bringing Cousins from Washington neither can they regret the payout they had to incur as he has proved to be a fundamental anchorage for the team. It is evidently clear that Kirk Cousins have remained to portray humbleness and gratitude all through his two games. It is through this article that you will garner more facts about Kirk Cousins.

First, there is need to understand and acknowledge that Kirk Cousins has managed a pocketed presence in his first two games. Throughout the games, Captain Kirk has managed to coordinate well with his teammates and this has been a success tactic. He is keen to details and he will immediately acknowledge the place where there is pressure and he will always avail help. Kirk Cousins is always ready and willing to assist where required. He is a reliable team player as he passes football fast to the other team members. He is not selfish and he understands that one team player can never win alone hence the need to pass the ball fast.

Secondly, Kirk Cousins has managed to portray a high level of gravity and mental toughness. The mental toughness that he possesses has enables him avail indispensable encouragement and inspiration to the other team player. Kirk has motivated and encouraged his team mates to always pop up and take initiative where they identify an opportunity. He is not afraid of pressure and whenever he identifies an area with a lot of pressure, he takes initiative and avails a reliable solution.

The last but not the least, Kirk Cousins has been distributing the ball tremendously. Basically, the people of Minnesota are learning more about team work and sharing the glory as a team since Kirk’s era began. The keenness Kirk Cousins employees during the ball throws helps dispense mistakes. He embraces all players with humbleness and kindness and will pass the ball to any player whenever there is an opening without being prejudiced.

Through the three points above, it’s possible to understand Kirk Cousins better. Since he joined the team, there is a high level of joy and peace experienced and enhanced team work. There is a lot of expectations form the fans and the team members and the team will eventually move to heights in this Kirk Cousins’ era.