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What to Look for in Finding the best Baby Lotion

In taking good care for your skin, using a lotion is a necessity. They can make the skin to be hydrated still as well as make a barrier to prevent and protect the skin from different harmful elements

It means that applying lotions to sensitive skin is very important and this also applies with our babies. Although we are aware that we should use lotions especially for our babies with sensitive skins, sometimes it is hard to choose what baby lotions to use. Sometimes what may work for us adults may not apply for our babies specially they have sensitive skins. In starting off, it is important that we have a background of what is the nature of having a basic skin care and its biology. Do not worry, it is not required for you to be an MD or an expert to understand it, but it somehow helps us in identifying the difference of the babies’ skin form the adult’s skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and also our first armor and defense from the different harmful elements that can enter the body. Our skin is composed of a complex connection of cells that can produce the body’s natural oils or is called natural moisturizing factor as well as blood vessels, collagen, immune cells, nerves and oil glands.

One of the important aspects of our body’s skin is its function to protect as what was mentioned. The skin protects the body as it acts as the body’s barrier and defense and also it keeps our body from water loss. There are many reasons that can accelerate the loss of water from our body’s skin and some of these reasons are the prolong exposure in the water like staying in a pool for many hours and also because of the diminishing natural oils from the skin or moisturizing factor On the contrary to what was the belief of many, sitting in a warm bath or wash does not make the body nor the skin hydrated, instead it makes it become dry. Bear in mind that adults and babies are not of the same skin. A baby’s skin is less thick and is more sensitive than adults.

It is important to take note of this as you decide what kind of product you will use in your baby. Consider to avoid products that have elements or ingredients that are not necessary and also those who have issues with regards to safety. Also do not engage with the products having a fragrance because commonly fragrance causes skin allergies and may harm the baby’s skin.

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