Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Houses? This May Help

Some Cool Alternative Housing Ideas

Comparable to clothes your home also expresses your self. Now if the typical suburban homes do not appeal to you then you can think of having an alternative for a home. In this website you will learn about the different examples of alternative housing and who knows one of them may just interest you.

Shipping Container Homes
This is arguably the most famous alternative model to the typical house as this type of home exudes a cool look and feel. You can easily find many examples of modern cozy homes that are made out of shipping containers. There are some who want a bigger home for themselves so they use more than one shipping container to build their home. There are even some homes that are aesthetically appealing that you won’t believe at first sight that the material it is made out of is a shipping container.
But of course the high-end homes of this type were custom made by a company. Because more people have become interested in this alternative housing model there are companies now that offer to custom build this type of home for people.

Cob House
There are two materials that are used to make this house and the are earth and straw. When it is finished the house looks like clay.

If you like being with nature then you can look at this alternative housing. You can easily find examples of this online. You can even find there some that have multi-levels in their treehouse.

Rammed Earth Homes
This can be comparable to the sandcastles that you used to build whenever you went to the beach with your family when you were a child. The difference would be of course that this house is a permanent structure. People build this home by starting out with the frames using wood. After that earth materials are compacted into the frames. When they are in place then you take out the frame.

Wood Pallet Structures
If you want a home that is rustic in appearance then you can look into this. Wood pallets are like big versions of popsicle sticks. There are many who build this type of home on their own. This is a cost efficient home.

Geodesic Dome
This is like the Epcot Center which is a famous place in Florida. In building this type of home other materials are also added to it.

Silo Home
If you find that you really like farming then you can choose to read more about this kind of home. You do have to discover more about the things you have to do so as for it not to be a smelly home for you.

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