7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3x2

7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3×2: The minimalist 3×2 kitchen design idea is the right solution when your home design is minimalist as well. Because as we know, the kitchen is a room that is quite important in a house. And because of that the home owner needs to be creative in making his minimalist kitchen still feel comfortable when cooking.

7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3×2

Therefore, here are 7 minimalist 3×2 kitchen design ideas that are not only simple but also very millennial. Perfect for young couples now.

Apply Dominant White

One of the effects of a minimalist kitchen size is a room that looks cramped or cramped. This often makes many people feel lazy to cook in a minimalist kitchen. While you may not be able to resize it, you can change the impression.

From a kitchen that seems cramped and cramped, it looks more spacious and relieved. This effect is caused by the dominant white color in the kitchen. To prevent the kitchen from feeling empty, don’t let it appear plain white. You can add other matching colors to combine, such as beige.

Unique Lamp Models Give a Different Impression

It’s only natural that someone often has unique ideas with interesting results. One such idea is to use spotlights for her minimalist 3×2 kitchen lighting source. Yes, you can use spotlights to focus on illuminating certain parts of the kitchen. The spotlight will give a warm impression if it is yellow. Apart from spotlights, chandeliers can also complement the beauty of your kitchen.

Combining the Dining Room and Kitchen

Having a house with a minimalist design is a challenge in itself, especially in arranging the room. No wonder there are several rooms that are used as one, one of which is a kitchen with a dining room. The unification of the two rooms is implemented by using a kitchen set that has a mini bar table and chairs. The unification of these two rooms is very suitable considering that the activities carried out in the kitchen and dining room are interconnected, namely processing food and eating cooked food.

Using Open Cabinets for a Different Impression

The use of a wall with empty space to place a hanging cabinet or cupboard is perfect for saving space. Besides not taking up space, of course the cabinet can give a different impression. Especially if you use an open cabinet.

Yes, an open or non-covered cabinet can give a natural urban impression because there are items that are exposed or not closed. This open cabinet is suitable for placing items that are not easily crushed or broken, such as plastic furniture, tissues and others. However, placing items in open cabinets makes them dirty quickly, so you have to clean them often.

Dab Beautiful Colors for Your 3×2 Minimalist Kitchen Design

Not many people dare to try a color other than white for their minimalist kitchen. The reason is of course the fear of looking unsuitable and giving the impression of cramped. However, this fear is unfounded because there are several color combinations that actually make a minimalist kitchen look cute. One of them is the color combination of Sage Green and Exposure Wood Brown. If you feel the combination still doesn’t look great, adding a few motifs to taste can beautify your kitchen.

Create Light Sources with Chandeliers

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with using ordinary lamps as a source of lighting in the kitchen. However, so that your kitchen design looks aesthetic and seems millennial, using a chandelier can be a good idea.

You can hang the lamp above your mini bar to make mealtimes look special. In addition, there is also a spotlight that is ready to highlight each of your cooking processes so that nothing is left behind. Its mini shape and elegant color can add a luxurious impression to your kitchen.

Expand Shelves, Minimize Placement of Goods on the Table

Kitchens with a minimalist size are very vulnerable to appear claustrophobic because of the lack of space for placing items. Therefore, you can add shelves on the kitchen wall to put a lot of things, especially glassware. With this shelf, your cooking activities will feel more free and relieved. In addition, the presence of shelves can be a neat decoration for the kitchen so that your cooking spot looks more beautiful and beautiful.