7 Tricks To Cut Your Electricity Bill

Utility bills are silent killers. You can go months without knowing just how much money you’re ploughing through until you receive a rude shock in the mail of a hefty bill. Although there isn’t much you can do to lower your bill at that point, you can take it on as a good lesson moving forward for future months. There are so many simple tips and tricks which can help you cut your electricity bill but here are my favourite seven, proven to work time and time again!

1. Smart Lights!


Smart lights allow you to harness the power of unmatched style and ambience, while helping you save energy! The LIFX GU10 Wi-Fi LED Smart Light Bulb gives you an array of colours and a day and dusk mode to save energy where possible. It outputs 400 lumens at only 6 watts so you can enjoy a beautiful ambience without forking out for your energy bill.


2. Wash Clothes On Cold-Wash Cycles.


Studies show that over 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine goes solely to heating the water for a standard wash. By switching to a cold-wash cycle, not only do you save money on your electricity bills but you’re also helping the environment with reduced carbon emissions.


3. Be On Top Of Your Heating And Cooling Units In Your Home.


In the peak of both summer and winter, it is tempting to give in and adjust your thermostat to extra cool or extra warm temperatures to keep you cool or cosy, depending on the season. However, these adjustments and constant running of your units have a huge impact on your power bill. Keeping it to a consistent temperature will both help you cut your energy bill and also prevent the risk of contracting colds due to drastic changes in temperatures during the hot and cold months.


4. Do Chores At Night.


Energy companies commonly charge more for energy during peak times of the day where a lot of people are running appliances across their home. Some devices such as dishwashers and pool filters can be programmed to run at night where it is an off peak time, resulting in you being charged less for your power.


5. Upgrade Your Appliances


Many products on the market today don’t make the cut unless they are sustainable and  energy efficient to help curb pollution and unnecessary emissions. By upgrading from your washing machine you were gifted 20 years ago for your wedding, you’ll find that more recent models use a considerably lesser amount of energy. Even though you may have to pay a bit more for it initially, a new machine will save you money long term.


6. Use Blinds To Block Out The Heat


It’s a perfect feeling to soak up the sun this summer, but it can get very hot very quickly. When you retreat inside your home, be sure you haven’t let your house soak up the heat as well. Use curtains or blinds to block out the midday heat by closing them in the middle of the day. This will keep you home cool and safe from the humid air of the burning summer days.


7. Smart Switch From Harvey Norman


The Smart Switch is a household essential for those wanting to save money on their electricity bills. Controlled through a smart phone app, this plug allows you to turn on and turn off appliances in your home all form your phone. The Smart Switch allows you to create moods that will turn on specific appliances and lights to suit different times of the day. With minimal energy consumption, you are given real-time reports on power consumption and personalised tip to save more energy.

There are endless tips and tricks out there to help us save money on our energy bills and help conserve the environment at the same time. These seven simple tasks can make a huge difference in your energy bills without having to sacrifice any luxuries or time. By updating your appliances and using products such as the smart switch, you’ll be sure to have a solid line of defence at all times. Thanks to the smart switch you’ll never stress about unnecessary power usage again and you can cut your energy bills and put your money to something more worthwhile instead.