7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3x2

7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3×2

7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3×2: The minimalist 3×2 kitchen design idea is the right solution when your home design is minimalist as well. Because as we know, the kitchen is a room that is quite important in a house. And because of that the home owner needs to be creative in making his minimalist kitchen still feel comfortable when cooking.

7 Minimalist Kitchen Designs 3×2

Therefore, here are 7 minimalist 3×2 kitchen design ideas that are not only simple but also very millennial. Perfect for young couples now.

Apply Dominant White

One of the effects of a minimalist kitchen size is a room that looks cramped or cramped. This often makes many people feel lazy to cook in a minimalist kitchen. While you may not be able to resize it, you can change the impression.

From a kitchen that seems cramped and cramped, it looks more spacious and relieved. This … Read More

Wooden bookcases for an eco-friendly living room

If you are looking for necessary advice on how to choose the right bookcase for your living room and according to the style you prefer, you are in the right place. Now that we are increasingly attentive to an eco-sustainable way, buying a wooden bookcase seems the only viable alternative. After all, they are also pleasant to see like the wooden bookcases by paciniecappellini.it. But how to choose the bookcase? First of all, you start from the assumption that we are talking about one of those furnishing elements that in addition to being highly functional has the ability to enrich and add style to an environment.


Precisely because of how much you have to select the model that is right for you. All the more reason that your choice is falling right on the wood. There are many types of wooden bookcase able to meet every aesthetic taste and … Read More

Animal Rugs

Can Animal Rugs Ever Really Be ‘Ethical’?

When it comes to buying accessories for your home, you probably think about the ethics of the production process before anything else. After all, these items are an important part of your house, something you see every single day, and a reflection of who you are as a person. There’s almost no occasion where the look and feel of your home isn’t noticed by others. That’s why when you buy something like an animal rug or any other kind of animal-based accessory, you want to make sure that it is ethically sourced first and foremost.

The importance of ethically sourced rugs

Much like the difference between fair trade and free trade coffee, ethical animal products are those that are sourced in a way that doesn’t harm the animal. Ethical rugs, for example, will be made from animal pelts that were sustainably sourced from animals that were slaughtered in a humane … Read More

The Luna QAL Week 2 – Picking Your Scraps

You may have guessed by now that I love scrap quilts. I love how they look, I love the process of using leftover pieces to make something new, and I love writing patterns that work well with scraps. The Luna Quilt is a wonderful project for scraps because it uses a variety of smaller pieces and it is great for leftover jelly roll strips or binding strips.

Sorting through scraps, especially if you have a lot of them, can be a little bit overwhelming. If you are making your Luna Quilt scrappy, here are some options to think about.

The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

  • Use scraps from a single designer, manufacturer, or collection. That is what I will be doing! I am going to use Rifle Paper Co. scraps from several different collections. I really love the prints and am happy to have a project to use them up. If you don’t have enough scraps
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UK lenders pause new mortgages amid market turmoil

Some of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders, including Virgin Money and Skipton Building Society, have stopped offering new home loans in response to the market volatility triggered by the government’s mini-Budget.

Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group, the biggest mortgage lender in the UK, is also withdrawing a range of new home loans, it told brokers.

The pause in new lending comes after yields on UK bonds rose sharply following the tax cuts announced on Friday by chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a major withdrawal of products and repricing in the mainstream market since the global financial crisis,” said Ray Boulger, an analyst at mortgage broker John Charcol.

“The huge rise in gilt yields means lenders have to reprice mortgages very significantly. I expect by next week there will be very few mortgage deals available with rates under 5 per cent. Any lender who hasn’t

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A User’s Guide to Our New Book: ‘Remodelista: The Low-Impact

When we launched Remodelista in 2007, our organizing principle centered on sustainability, and of course, design with integrity. Over the years we have continued to focus on eco-friendly design and well-made, time-tested products. Our mantra is repurpose, reuse, scavenge, buy local.

Conscientious living is an issue that feels ever more urgent with each passing day. So what exactly does “low impact” mean? We like to think of it as the new normal: a future-minded approach to home design with an emphasis on conscientious consumerism and earth-friendly choices.

So we’re delighted to announce that our new book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home: A Sourcebook for Stylish, Eco-Conscious Living, is now available for preorder (details below) and will be arriving in bookstores on October 4th. Read on to hear how we at Remodelista have changed our daily habits over the course of researching and producing this book; we hope you find inspiration!

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This Handy Little Gadget Is Bound to Make Weeknight Dinners

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It’s usually right about the end of September that the reality of fall truly sets in. No longer are the mornings filled with giddy kids, new notebooks, and packed lunches in hand, and no longer are you thinking about which fun, weeknight dinner you’ll whip up on Wednesday as you drift off to sleep. The truth of the matter is, the transition to cooler weather brings about lots of changes. Whether you have kiddos or not, saying goodbye to the spontaneity of summer fun, bounty of delicious produce, and the longer days can be tough.

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That’s why as the weather turns, we usually fall back on our kitchen hacks — you know, the essentials that make cooking as easy as it is

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The Sadie Quilt Pattern – New and Improved

A few years ago, I released my Sadie Quilt Pattern. I love this pattern, but I was never very happy with the photograph on the cover so making a new quilt and photographing it has been on my (very long) to do list. Then a few months ago, Ruby Star Society included the pattern in their lookbook using a fun new collection called Twirl and I knew it was time.

But of course, I couldn’t just take a new photo. Here are some things that have changed in the new pattern:

  • Additional sizing. Yay! The original pattern had instructions for baby, lap, and twin sizes. The updated pattern adds queen AND king sizes.
  • The instructions in the updated pattern are a little easier to follow. While the pattern itself isn’t tricky, there were some things that were a little tricky to explain and I feel like I have gotten a
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Housing inflation is dead | Financial Times

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Good morning. It’s CPI day. There is good reason for optimism that inflation will continue to abate, and not just because of gas prices. But as we like to repeat at Unhedged, there is no such thing as high and stable inflation. There will be more surprises, in both directions, before the current episode concludes. Email me: [email protected]

Housing: even worse (so, better?)

The last time Unhedged checked in on the US housing market, back in June, we wrote that “housing remains the one big area of the economy that is not sending mixed signals. It just looks bad.” This is no longer true: the US housing market no longer just looks bad; now it is very bad.

“Bad” is ambiguous in this context, though. Sharp

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English Translation: A Compact Victorian Gets an Eclectic

When it comes to architectural and interior styles, we’re pretty omnivorous: we can admire a dressed-to-the-nines formal home (like this one) and, in the same breadth, applaud a rustic DIY cabin with no running water (like this one). Sometimes, though, we happen upon projects that make us want to pack up and move right in. Paul West’s duplex, in a compact London Victorian, falls into this category.

It helps that the space itself is blessed with good bones. “There was so much to love,” says Paul about why he chose to buy it five years ago. “At first glance, lots of space, mature garden, quiet street, original character, and the large, well-proportioned rooms. The whole space felt like a perfect canvas to create a home for living in.”

Paul studied interior architecture and used to work for various design and architecture studios (he is now a strategy director at a

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