Every year, the members of the Remodelers Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties submit their favorite projects to the Remodeling Excellence Awards. Here are the first-place 2022 winners.


Photo by Cindy Apple Photography


Design Excellence: Moody Blues Whole House Remodel

Interior Design

This 1906 heritage Portage Bay home was passed down through the generations to the present owners. Model Remodel’s renovation added modern conveniences while respecting the home’s centurylong history. MODEL REMODEL


Photo by Cindy Apple Photography


Residential Remodel Excellence: Scandinavian Home Gym and Sauna

Getaway Room: Less Than $100,000

Model Remodel channeled Scandinavian form and function into this simple home gym and wellness room designed to help its Alki Beach clients stay centered during the pandemic. They converted a nondescript garage storage area into a modest retreat. MODEL REMODEL


Photo by NW Architectural Photography


Residential Remodel Excellence: Backyard Golf and Exercise Studio

Getaway Room: More Than $100,000

With a health condition requiring daily exercise, Jackson Design Build’s client wanted to create a charming golfthemed space to stay motivated. The studio was placed in a welcoming corner of the backyard. Its entire north wall is a golf simulator screen, while its 10-foot clearance and well-positioned skylight make room for the client’s tall nephew to swing his club. JACKSON DESIGN BUILD LLC


Photo by Tod Sakai


Residential Remodel Excellence: From the Roaring 1920s to the 21st Century


The clients wanted to update their exceptionally well-preserved home while retaining its historic charm. Sockeye Homes hit the target by seamlessly blending classic and contemporary style. SOCKEYE HOMES


Photo by Tina Witherspoon


Residential Remodel Excellence: Be Our Guest

Addition: Less Than $200,000

Charter Custom Homes reconfigured this home to maximize existing square footage for a growing family, converting the downstairs den into a full bedroom with ensuite bathroom. CHARTER CUSTOM HOMES (CHARTER CONSTRUCTION)


Photo by Cindy Apple Photography


Residential Remodel Excellence: Dreamy Light-Filled Attic Suite

Addition: $200,000 to $325,000

Model Remodel converted an old attic into a spacious, modern, light-filled primary suite and bath with just 15 additional square feet. MODEL REMODEL


Photo by Julie Mannell


Residential Remodel Excellence: New Beginning

Addition: More Than $325,000

This 1950 Lake Sammamish home started life as a lake cottage and needed more space. So, Armada Design & Build obliged with a prominent new entry and breakfast nook, vertically extended dining room, and articulated garage façade supporting a slight projection of the second-story bedroom. ARMADA DESIGN & BUILD


Photo by Tod Sakai


Residential Remodel Excellence: From Culinary Nightmare to Chef’s Dream

Major Remodel: Less Than $250,000

Thanks to Sockeye Homes, a culinary nightmare was reborn a chef’s dream. Sockeye upgraded the kitchen into a great room by removing walls and installing four beams to vault the ceiling. SOCKEYE HOMES


Photo by Tod Sakai


Residential Remodel Excellence: Vaulted Ceiling River Cabin

Major Remodel: $250,000 to $350,000

Sockeye Homes transformed an outdated cabin built in 1946 into a contemporary riverfront retreat. To make it spacious without adding square footage, Sockeye removed the original roof and raised ceilings to 13 feet, turning a cramped, compartmentalized space into a great room with river views. SOCKEYE HOMES 


Courtesy of J & M Remodel


Residential Remodel Excellence: Expanded Living in an Older Footprint

Major Remodel: $350,000 to $500,000

J & M Remodel’s clients loved their neighborhood and decided to renovate their home to fit their family instead of moving. This entailed the renovation of every facet of the house, including a significantly expanded kitchen. J & M REMODEL


Photo by Tod Sakai


Residential Remodel Excellence: A Father’s Lakeside Legacy

Major Remodel: More Than $500,000 (Tie)

The owner inherited this 1929 lake cabin from her father, who passed away after living there for 71 years. She wanted Sockeye Homes to deliver a whole house rebuild that honored her father and evoked childhood memories. To frame incredible lake views, Sockeye added a 13-foot-wide accordion folding door and large deck. Interior finishes included ledgestone fireplace surround, shiplap ceiling boards, and oak hardwood flooring. SOCKEYE HOMES


Photo by John G. Wilbanks Photography


Residential Remodel Excellence: Modern Transformation

Major Remodel: More Than $500,000 (Tie)

Nip Tuck Remodeling’s clients wanted a full update of their 1980s home, personalized to meet their desire for wellness spaces. Nip Tuck raised the sunken living floor and redesigned the windows. To improve interior flow, they removed a large fireplace in the kitchen and family room and designed a new gourmet kitchen. NIP TUCK REMODELING


Photo by Ken Shepard


Residential Remodel Excellence: Fauntleroy Basement Retreat

ADU & Basement: Less Than $100,000

This family was saddled with a colorless, disorganized basement with commercial-grade carpet that did not work, especially with two kids. That’s when they approached Gaspar’s Construction to turn it into a comfortable space for both family and visiting guests. GASPAR’S CONSTRUCTION


Photo by Moch Snyder


Residential Remodel Excellence: A Traveler’s Getaway

ADU & Basement: More Than $100,000

Pathway Design and Construction remade a dark, dysfunctional, and uneven basement into a warm, welcoming, and livable space where the homeowners could display travel mementos. International elements such as the German Schmear technique on the new fireplace reinforce the travel theme, while the family room and sleeping space have been transformed into an open area concept for quality family time. PATHWAY DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION


Photo by We Studio


Residential Remodel Excellence: Outdoor Living Area

Exterior Remodel Excellence: Less Than $100,000

Jackson Design Build was charged with enclosing this stunning home’s patio, which had been exposed to high winds off the Sound. To solve the wind problem, they enclosed the north and east patio sections with swing doors, multislide doors, and glass panels, which seamlessly fit to the existing steel structure. JACKSON DESIGN BUILD LLC


Photo by Tod Sakai


Residential Remodel Excellence: Mom’s New Place


Sockeye Homes added this gorgeous DADU to a 1924 home to provide a private residence for the homeowners’ mother. While exteriors match, the DADU’s interior stands apart. SOCKEYE HOMES


Photo by Tod Sakai


Bath Excellence: Cost-Effective Bathroom Transformation

Less Than $35,000

The family living in this 2001 home needed to upgrade and refinish the children’s bathroom. Working with a tight budget, Sockeye Homes turned the bath into a thrilling and accessible space, delighting parents and kids alike. SOCKEYE HOMES


Photo by Robert Dorres, courtesy of Lakeview Design and Construction


Bath Excellence: Matthews Beach Basement Bathroom

$35,000 to $55,000

Lakeview Design & Construction transformed an underused basement space into an expansive guest suite by upgrading a utilitarian bathroom into a truly beautiful and modern guest bath. LAKEVIEW DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION


Photo by We Studio


Bath Excellence: Primary Bathroom

$55,000 to $75,000

Jackson Design Build integrated this previous remodelmarred bathroom into the fine fabric of its lovely Tudor home. JACKSON DESIGN BUILD LLC


Courtesy of J & M Remodel


Bath Excellence: Ensuite Bathroom Addition with Wet Area

$75,000 to $110,000 (Tie)

This mid-1940s “war box” style home’s primary suite didn’t come with a bath, so J & M Remodel created one with a new addition — seamless inside and out. A spalike aesthetic offers a true sanctuary for the homeowner. J & M REMODEL


Photo by John G. Wilbanks Photography


Bath Excellence: A Tub for Two with a View

$75,000 to $110,000 (Tie)

This bathroom had no personality, storage, or privacy. Nip Tuck Remodeling rescued it from obscurity with a deep soaking tub for two in front of a nature-facing picture window. Nature-themed custom tiles featuring sea creations are a focal point, with backsplash and walls continuing the theme into the shower. NIP TUCK REMODELING


Photo by Cindy Apple Photography


Bath Excellence: Sound View Bathroom Beauty

More Than $110,000

This was the only bathroom on the third floor, despite the presence of two rooms, including what is now the kids’ bedroom. Palmer Residential was hired to create a master bath with outstanding views, a second guest/kids’ bathroom, and a laundry closet. PALMER RESIDENTIAL, LLC


Photo by Brent Loe Photography


Kitchen Excellence: Jumping the Gun

Less Than $70,000

Tenhulzen Residential made a greasestained accessory living space into a gorgeous kitchen fit for entertaining — despite having to start discovery demolition before the design was even finished. Centerpiece elements include beautiful bleached barnwood-look porcelain tile and a custom-designed tabletop cut from leftover granite. TENHULZEN RESIDENTIAL LLC


Photo by Danielle Freeze


Kitchen Excellence: Home Again

$70,000 to $90,000

Rainier Custom Homes’ discerning clients needed more elegant surfaces, more storage, and more entertaining capacity in their 2003 kitchen. Rainier delivered with an expanded centerpiece island with more seating, a large sink, an ultra-efficient double oven range, and a commercial-grade hood for “anything goes” cooking. RAINIER CUSTOM HOMES


Photo by John G. Wilbanks Photography


Kitchen Excellence: A Whimsical Cozy Kitchen

$90,000 to $125,000

The client wanted a more connected kitchen with a whimsical, cozy atmosphere. So, Nip Tuck Remodeling went to work, widening the opening to the dining room, and adding a new window and patio door to flood the kitchen with natural light. NIP TUCK REMODELING


Photo by John G. Wilbanks Photography


Kitchen Excellence: Summer Magic

$125,000 to $145,000

This Nip Tuck kitchen remodel sought to let more light in, cohesively connect the kitchen to the outdoors and the family room, and make a single island the center of family meals — all without impacting the home’s traditional style. NIP TUCK REMODELING


Photo by Katherine Gooding


Kitchen Excellence: Unique Kitchen Retains Charm with Added Function

More Than $145,000

The clients loved the vintage charm of their 1970s-era home, but not its lack of functionality. So, Irons Brothers Construction updated and upgraded, removing walls bisecting the space to reveal the original vaulted cedar-plank ceiling and new sightlines. IRONS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION INC.


Photo by John G. Wilbanks Photography


Design Excellence: Fairy Tale Entry

Specialty Details & Finishes

Nip Tuck Remodeling redesigned this elegant home’s front entrance with a modernized stair system, statement lighting, and a beautiful new wood-and-glass door. The door is a custom piece incorporating Alice In Wonderland motifs at the client’s request. NIP TUCK REMODELING


Courtesy of Charter Custom Homes


Landscape & Outdoor Living Excellence: Phoenix Rising

More Than $100,000

When a trusted client lost their outdoor living area along with much of their home to a fire, Charter Custom Homes stepped in, rebuilding the gazebo, replacing stone patios, and creating a secondary, uncovered living area. CHARTER CUSTOM HOMES (CHARTER CONSTRUCTION)