20 Best Home Automation Ideas

Ideas For Home Automation

Also called smart home technology, home automation is the electronic control of household activities. More advanced automation connects home features to a network, in order to control, program and monitor their use. The backbone of the network is usually Wi-Fi. This device network is referred to as the Internet of Things.

Automated homes utilize a centralized system for simple and more complex home features and appliances, like controlling lights, locks, heating and cooling systems, indoor and outdoor cameras, security systems, blinds, sound systems and even coffee pots.

Most products use software that remotely controls home features through a device connected to the internet; for example, a homeowner can lock their front door from the office using their smartphone. They can fill a cup to the proper level using a voice command. Home automation also refers to the use of sensors, like an HVAC system automatically turning

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Houston is spending more than $43 million to make homes

Houston is making its first foray into developing entire subdivisions, with plans for roughly 700 homes — half of which will be made available at affordable price points.

But the Houston Housing Collaborative, a collection of more than 50 housing advocates, developers and other groups advocating for equitable housing, is concerned that the city has designed the program in a way that spends tens of millions of public dollars but makes no requirement that homes stay affordable for future buyers.

At the heart of the debate is why the city is investing in home ownership for low-income families. Should it be primarily as a way for families to build wealth, with homeowners pocketing a forgivable loan and eventually selling the home at market rate — which won’t be affordable for the next family? Or should the focus be providing housing stability, allowing more Houstonians to feel secure at being able

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Gabriel Garbin Studio’s serene Brazilian home

Modernism and nature meet in this contextual Brazilian home

Gabriel Garbin’s architecture studio utilises site-specific design and gentle exposure to nature for this modernist-inspired but very Brazilian home in Porto Feliz, São Paulo

FBV WP house in Porto Feliz, in the green expanses of the state of São Paulo, is one of Gabriel Garbin and his architecture studio’s most recently finished residential works. The Brazilian home is the latest addition to the architect’s wider body of work, which looks to carve out a distinct, site- and culture-specific identity for the country’s architectural expression – in a culture long dominated by European colonial influences. In this case, Garbin considered modernist influences and adapted them to the local climate – or, as he says ‘tropicalised’ them, crafting a house that works within Brazil’s lush landscapes. 

Grass surrounds the L-shaped (in floorplan) property, which is backed by a preserved Brazilian forest. This site,

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7 best new movies to stream this week on Netflix, Hulu and

The seven best new films to watch online this week should not be watched without a snack at hand. Because, honestly, never watch a movie (or anything) set at a restaurant unless there’s food (I just learned that watching The Bear on Hulu) nearby. 

This is a necessary preamble because watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie online means hearing the titular chef describe some delicious dishes. Or at least that’s what he does before the chaos with the sinkhole, the murder mystery and Louise’s emotional crisis take center stage. And the best news is that you can watch it on either Hulu or HBO Max (or on Disney Plus if you are outside of the U.S.).

Elsewhere, John Cho gets a starring role, as the people demanded, and action movie veterans take the wheel, as Bruce Willis’ final film hits digital retailers and Mark Wahlberg joins Tom Holland in an Uncharted

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Entryway Feng Shui: 8 ways to create a positive impression

Entryway Feng Shui ideas have a lot riding on them. They give guests first sight of your home, and they’re what you’re greeted with each time you return.

Rather than merely being a place you pass through, your entryway Feng Shui should should set the right tone for a warm welcome. Think, too, about entryway décor that complements both the hallway and the front porch to make the best impression.

Here, we’ve put together the best entryway ideas to allow you to use Feng Shui principles in your space, together with advice from designers who follow its philosophy in their projects.

But remember, if you are somewhere with ‘bad’ entryway Feng Shui, don’t worry. There’s always something you can do to adjust your current entryway layout – and work with your existing space. 

Entryway Feng Shui – 8 ideas to invite positive chi into your home

It’s easy to overlook

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How to Use Plants to Enhance Your Home’s Feng Shui

Stylish armchair, plants and cat in cozy room

Brizmaker/Getty Images


  1. On This Page

    • Think About Your Life Goals

    • Choose the Right Plants for Feng Shui

    • Figure Out How Many Plants You Need

    • Find the Perfect Placement

    • Nurture Your Plant

You’ve already kicked your decluttering and organizing game up a notch—but if you want to create even more peace and tranquility, think feng shui. (That’s the ancient Chinese art of designing your home to enhance your life.)

When most people think of feng shui, they think of rearranging furniture and items in the house to encourage positive energy and good luck. But something as simple as the plants you pick—and where you place them—plays a big role in balancing your home’s energy.

So when you welcome home your next plant baby, you might want to follow the feng shui principles below to ensure it really enhances your life.

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Test finds high lead levels in water at Fort Collins mobile

Residents of Harmony Village Manufactured Home Community in southeast Fort Collins may have elevated levels of lead in their drinking water, according to the results of a city-conducted test.

The 450-home park, 2500 E. Harmony Road, has issued two boil order notices in the last five months, one in December and another in March. After the second notice, three residents requested that the city test their water for lead contamination.

Testing found lead levels beyond federal drinking water standards in one water sample from the park, but follow-up tests found no detectable lead. Fort Collins Utilities staff don’t know the exact source of the potential contamination, but they don’t believe it’s coming from city water supplies. 

The city doesn’t have any known lead service lines and is working on identifying and replacing all galvanized service lines and lead goosenecks (curved pipes that connect the water main to the service line)

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Investigators remove refrigerator, tear into floor and walls


The current tenant in the Montgomerys’ former residence shared details of the investigation with local media.

A refrigerator was taken out of an apartment earlier this week, wrapped up, and then placed on a truck. Law enforcement agencies searched 644 Union St. in Manchester, New Hampshire, for the continued investigation of the disappearance of then 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery in 2019. 644 Union Street is a focus of the investigation as it is a location where Adam and Kayla Montgomery previously lived. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Federal and local investigators scoured a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire, this week in connection to the Harmony Montgomery missing child case.  

On Tuesday, the FBI and New Hampshire State Police entered a residence at 644 Union St. in Manchester, where they seized possible evidence related to the case of the missing New Hampshire girl, who was last seen in the winter of

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The 5 Rules of Decorating with Summer 2022’s Trendy (Yet

When the world feels dark, it’s only natural to want to surround yourself with light. So, it seems all too fitting that home experts are noticing waning interest in the aughts’ “it” neutral—pale gray—and the sudden rise of a very unexpected-yet-cheery hue: yellow. We’re ready to manifest brighter days ahead, turning to what’s considered one of the happiest colors on the spectrum.

Since yellow can very easily overwhelm a space, we turned to the pros to find out how to make it feel fresh for 2022.

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Yellow adds warmth to a room, making it feel more inviting, and it can also be invigorating. “We’re seeing the color jump in popularity even more as people look for a way to infuse fun into their homes,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “I recommend using it in areas

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Cottagecore offers soothing, tranquil style for a home’s

“Cottagecore spaces are defined by their connection to nature and nod to historical inspiration,” said Sharon Grech of Benjamin Moore.

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Cottagecore is gathering steam.

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The trending self esthetic about celebrating an idealized rural life, which got a boost from Taylor Swift in her 2020 album Folklore, is now one of 2022’s go-to design options.

And if you’ve been feeling inspired of late to refresh

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