Democratic Iowa House candidate charged with recklessly

A Democratic Iowa House candidate has been charged with reckless use of a firearm after police say she shot a gun through a sliding glass door in her home last week.

Sonya Heitshusen, 55, of West Des Moines is running for Iowa House District 28, which includes parts of West Des Moines, Van Meter and Adel.

Heitshusen, a former WHO-TV news anchor, said in a statement that she has received a variety of threats over the years due to her role as a journalist and now a candidate for office. Because of that, and because her partner is a police officer “there are firearms in our home for personal protection,” she said.

“I’ve received ongoing threatening messages on social media,” she said in the statement. “Knowing my partner was leaving town for an extended period of time, I checked one of the firearms, and while checking it, an accidental discharge of the firearm occurred.”

West Des Moines police say in a criminal complaint that Heitshusen pulled the trigger of a black Glock 21 handgun while inside her home sometime around 11 p.m. on June 27. The bullet went through the glass of Heitshusen’s sliding glass door, police said.