Galley Kitchen Remodels: Tips to Consider When You Start You

Galley Shaped Kitchen with White Counters and Countertops

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Have you always dreamed about remodeling your galley kitchen? The layout of galley kitchens can make you feel like you have fewer remodel options given their limited space. A well-executed galley kitchen remodel can provide you with more space, however. You can achieve the kitchen of your dreams! Here are a few tips to consider when you start your remodeling project.

Take Time to Plan

It is critical to sit down and plan out your new kitchen layout before starting any work. It may feel like stating the obvious, but a well-thought-out plan for your new galley kitchen will maximize space and minimize frustrations.

Consider your Fridge Location

In a galley kitchen, working space is at a premium. When your fridge is closer to the center of the kitchen, you will likely end up with people trying to access it while you’re working. You can reduce the impact of this by placing the fridge on the edge of your new kitchen.

Pay Close Attention to Color

When done right, your new color scheme can make your kitchen appear larger, which helps open up the space. The good news is, this doesn’t always mean you have to opt for bright colors. If you’re a fan of that dark granite countertop, it could work. Start by thinking about how much natural light gets in the kitchen. Then consider what you want the focal point to be – your countertops or your cabinets? And go from there!

Get Creative with Storage

The best part of remodeling your space is designing it to function for your needs. In galley kitchens working and storage space are at a premium. Consider adding hidden storage, such as pull-out drawers and spice cabinets.

A well-thought-out design can result in a stunning galley kitchen that meets all your needs.