Phoenix Home Remodel LLC Discusses the Benefits of a Timely

Phoenix Home Remodel LLC is a family-operated company specializing in kitchen, basement, living area, and bathroom remodeling. The company recently shared the benefits of a timely bathroom remodel.

Georgetown, KY – In a recent update, Phoenix Home Remodel LLC highlighted the benefits of a bathroom remodel. The team noted that the bathroom is one of the most regularly used spaces in a household, so it deserves to be in tiptop shape. This can be achieved by enlisting the company’s professional Georgetown bathroom remodeling services. Bathroom remodeling is one of the ideal ways to enhance energy efficiency in a household. A contractor can install advanced light fixtures that lower utility costs, which adds to significant savings in the long run.

The remodelers pointed out that outdated bathrooms are full of safety risks due to uneven tiles, mold, and chipped tiles. Luckily, a Georgetown bathroom remodel is the best opportunity to eliminate the safety hazards and add more safety features. These include anti-slip floors, grab bars, and handheld showerheads for optimal convenience.

A Georgetown bathroom remodeler can improve the design and aesthetics of a bathroom. It maximizes the space by adding storage solutions and increasing the square footage. Besides, a remodel is the primary ticket for a functional bathroom.

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Phoenix Home Remodeler LLC is a trustworthy company specializing in a wide range of home remodeling services. The company is well-versed in remodeling and equipped with advanced tools to deliver high-quality services that bring life to old spaces. Clients can check out the portfolio on the company’s website for a precise picture of what to expect from the remodeler.

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