Prime-Quality Leather, Fine Woods: Stylish Leather-Clad Desks from Bellavista Collection

Nowadays, lots of people, from a freelancer or an office clerk to a CEO of an international corporation, work at a desk, spending hours in front of a screen every day. It means that each of them needs a desk to put a computer monitor or a laptop onto. So, Bellavista Collection offers desks among its Italian luxury furniture.

These pieces are waiting for you on the brand’s website, in PRODUCTS section, TABLES product category, where you can find the sub-category called DESKS.

Although there are only four desks in the brand’s inventory so far, they all are truly luxurious, yet extremely diverse.

Fine woods, elegant antique bronze finish on cast brass details, prime quality leather (three desks out of four have at least one leather-clad element) – all this makes these pieces look gorgeous. Each desk from Bellavista Collection is remarkable in its own way.

Fit for a President

PRESIDENT, for example, is available in two variants, and both are monumental. Either will make you feel like a BIG boss.

The first one is a desk with a desk return. The top of this desk is 260 cm (102.3 in.) wide and 100 cm. (39.4 in) deep! This table has three drawers and two doors.

The desk return is also quite large – 190 cm (74.8 in.) in total, which means that PRESIDENT will look best in a sizeable room. It’s fit for a king… or, well, for a Director General.

The second variant has six drawers instead of three and no desk return. Its tabletop is 240×100 centimeters (102.3×39.4 inches). Both tables are 75 centimeters (29.5 inches) high.

As to the materials used, it’s a well-thought-out combination of wood, leather, and metal.

Wooden parts are made of solid Italian poplar. Both inner and outer parts of PRESIDENT could be veneered in any of the nine wood species. They include such fine woods as ebony and rosewood, as well as seven kinds of oak and American walnut, natural and stained.

The top of the table, drawer bottoms, and the modesty panel, are leather-clad.  Prime quality belting leather (of category P1) is a beautiful material. It comes in thirty colors in total, including multiple shades of gray, brown, beige, red, and blue. What is more, the set of color options may change – new colors are added from time to time. So, when choosing this remarkable table, it will be a good idea to request the latest info about currently available options.

Wood and leather perfectly harmonize with the cast brass with antique bronze finish chosen for base, handles, and other details, like the power grommet lid. By the way, the grommet bears the inscription that reads “Bellavista Collection”.

What is more, PRESIDENT could be customized – in fact, the same could be said about most of Bellavista’s items. Along with lots of options (e.g., you can have a USB charger installed, if you wish), you may order even features that are not on the list.  Just contact the brand, and its design department will work out the solution that suits you best.

Fashionable DANTE

One more desk that instantly catches the eye is DANTE. It remains a bestseller since 2016, when it was first showcased at Maison&Objet, a prestigious trade fair in Paris.

The top and the drawer bottoms of this modish-looking but practical desk can be padded in belting leather. Stitches of matching color serve as a decoration, if you choose this option. Contact the brand to learn the available colors, because the list of options is changeable.

DANTE has three drawers, so you’ll have plenty of room for your papers and various stationery. The structure of the desk is made of solid wood and could be veneered with as many as eight kinds of natural and stained oak or walnut. So, when it comes to color, you have plenty of choices – from beige natural oak to almost black moka stained oak. Actually, whatever variant you pick, DANTE will look grand. Its handles and feet, made of brass with an antique bronze finish, go extremely well with both leather and wood.

Compared with PRESIDENT, DANTE desk is rather compact. 72.5 centimeters (28.5 inches) high, with the tabletop is 140 x 70 cm. (55.1 x 27.6 inches), it will fit into a smaller room, and even a home office.

Gorgeous Options

The third desk, named HERITAGE, belongs to the latest collection of 2020/2021. This is a desk with a desk return. HERITAGE could be called middle-sized, especially compared with two others. Its tabletop is 200 centimeters wide and 90 deep (78.7 and 35.4 inches respectively). The strong metal structure (matte stained brass with hammered details) looks grand together with either of the twelve veneering options available for the top and desk return. What is more, the desk return could have a marble top insert, with four kinds of marble to choose from.

For this desk, you can also order an optional desk pad, made of a metal sheet, padded in belting leather. In addition, if you feel like having a leather desk pad or a mouse pad for any of Bellavista’s desks, you are welcome to contact the brand’s support team.

As you see, each desk from Bellavista Collection can be called a dream of a desk. But what about adding even more elegance to it? Put the leather-clad bookrest IL SAPERE onto your table! By the way, ‘il sapere’ means ‘knowledge’ in Italian. This extremely sophisticated accessory, fully padded in leather with chrome details, is not only grand-looking, but also very handy. It will definitely impress your clients or make an excellent present for your business partner.

In fact, Bellavista Collection has numerous pieces with leather padding or details. Take a look at the lovely ELIZABETH console table – one of the options available for its top is belting leather. The leather-clad side table named FRANC PAULIN looks impressive indeed, and so do many other items, produced using such an attractive material as natural leather.