Is It Time to Remodel Your Business

Is It Time to “Remodel” Your Business

Is It Time to “Remodel” Your Business? : I hear a lot these days about the reinvention of business. And that seems like a good idea. But I think a complete business overhaul is not only often unjustified, it can also be a risky move.

So instead, I want to propose the idea of ​​”remodeling” a business, which is more akin to remodeling a house. When you remodel your home, you are usually maintaining the existing structure and foundation.

The makeover is definitely different, but that doesn’t mean tearing down your entire home. On the other hand, a makeover may involve adding additions, repainting the room, finishing the basement, etc.

Likewise, you can overhaul your business in distinct and powerful ways that lead to major changes in service delivery, revenue streams, target market or your visibility as an expert. But a business overhaul needs to be justified, strategic, and … Read More