Tips When Shopping For Bunk Beds

How safe is bunk beds:

Each year about 400 kids are hospitalised due to bunk bed-related injuries – often because they have been badly put together or are being used incorrectly! Use the following Safety Checklist to ensure that you prevent your child from falling.

Hundreds of kids are hospitalised each year as a result of injuries sustained while playing or sleeping on a bunk bed. Follow our Safety Tips below to keep your child safe:

Safety Checklist:

  • When buying a mattress for the upper bed ensure that you are aware of the maximum height requirement for the mattress as a too high mattress will compromise the efficacy of the safety barrier.
  • The recommended minimum age for a child to be able to use the upper bed is nine years old.
  • When assembling the bed make very sure that the guardrails are secure and within the correct spacing.
  • The structure must be able to carry the weight of both a child and an adult, so do a regular check on the connection points to avoid collapsing.
  • Any gaps larger than between 95mm and 230mm could pose the risk that little bodies can crawl through and get stuck.
  • The ladder should not have any openings higher than 400mm.
  • Remember, all four sides should have guardrails attached, not just three-sided. Kids can get trapped between the bed and the wall.
  • Make sure that the room is also safe: No blinds or curtains near the bed and no ceiling fans that can be reached from the bed.
  • Always use the ladder to get to the top. Ensure that no nearby furniture pieces can serve as makeshift ladders!

Different Types Available

As you do your research you will find many different types available in terms of configuration. This can include, a double sleeping area below, trundles (also called loft designs) which fits a desk underneath instead of a bottom bunk. Some designs include a slide-out 3rd sleeping space, ideal for friends that overnight.

Apart from the different benefits of each design your final choice will greatly depend on the space you have available and how the room will function.

Considering to purchase online? Follow these steps:

Once you have done your homework and are certain of the type of bunk you want you can, either purchase in-store at a bed store of your choice, or opt for the convenience of making your purchase online. If you do decide to buy online, follow these steps to make sure you get what you need:

  1. Take accurate measurements of the space the bed will need to fit into.
  2. Determine what features and functionalities will be required.
  3. Based on the above, choose the type or style of bunk bed that will best suit your needs.
  4. Double check that it will meet all the recommended safety standards.
  5. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable retailer that offers a warranty and a return policy.

The safety of the bunk bed or bunk beds, if you are buying more than one, is first and foremost, but you also want to make sure that your final choice will optimise the space and functionality of the bedroom and that your kids will enjoy sleeping and playing on their new beds! Do not hesitate to speak to an experience bed retailer near you. 🙂